The Salam Essay Competition

We just heard (February 2024) that our student Mehrose Shafiq 10C achieved Third Place in the Salam Essay Competition! We are extremely proud of you, Mehrose!

It was in November 2023, that we learnt about the Salam Essay Competition. Dr Abdus Salam had been a professor of theoretical physics  at Imperial College London, and to honour and celebrate his legacy they were organising the Salam Essay Competition. The competition aimed to encourage students to articulate their thoughts and explore the life and work of Pakistan’s first Nobel Laureate. The contestants were required to write an essay of approximately 400 words on how Dr Salam’s life had inspired them.

In her essay, Mehrose Shafiq detailed Dr Salam’s struggles and commitment towards continuing his research, despite the lack of funding. She described how Dr Salam’s determination and perseverance has been a huge source of inspiration for her and has motivated her to pursue her own dreams to study and pursue a career in microbiology. Her heartfelt essay earned her third place in the competition. Well Done Mehrose!