Thoughtful Debates and Panel Discussion at School

There was much excitement in the air on October 12, 2023. It was the day for our Urdu Debate and Panel Discussion which our students hosted.

The sessions were very interactive. The students oozed confidence and made valid and relevant points which they supported through factual data, religious justification and a passionate display of emotions. They came prepared and had done their research. Their Urdu was flawless and each student spoke freely and openly, unafraid to share their thoughts and opinions.

The esteemed judges were Mrs. Qamar Liaquat and Mr. Syed Mohsin Sarfaraz. We have had a long association with Mrs. Qamar Liaquat who was an Urdu teacher at our school and PTV newscaster of her time. Over the years, she has always graciously accepted our invitations to come and judge various competitions in Urdu. Mr. Syed Mohsin Sarfaraz, is the Urdu and Islamiyat Coordinator at BVS Parsi High School. He has a lot of experience as a judge in several literary competitions.

All our wonderful Urdu teachers put in their best efforts with the respective year groups they teach, to help students with their preparation.

The competition was very tough. The students gave it their all and it was difficult task for the judges to pick one over the other. The host for the debates was Ruqaiya Kashif from 8B. This is how it went.

The first debate was on books versus television. The debate started off with Zurwah Uzair 5C, who argued that books are better. Her opponent, Sarrah Mubashir 5B argued that television is better than books. Both students supported their arguments with relevant points, but the winner was Sarrah. So TV won over Books!

The second debate topic shed light on animal rights. Hania Fatima 6B argued that animals should not be kept in zoos, whereas Ayza Salman 6B debated the benefits of animals being kept in zoos. The latter convinced the judges to side with her.

The third debate topic focused on human rights. Umm-e-Habiba 7D tried her best to persuade the audience that every individual can make decisions on their own, while Hafsa Shahid 7A argued against this point. Hafsa’s arguments were more convincing.

The last topic was about our Mother Tongue. Is the Urdu language ruined nowadays? Amna Bilal 8C was convinced that it is, while Ifrah Nauman 8A believed it isn’t. Turns out, the judges agreed with Ifrah.

The debate was followed by the Panel Discussion. The first Panel Discussion topic was whether Artificial Intelligence can replace teachers or not. The host for this topic was Maryum Azeem 9C and the three participants were Eeman Shaikh 9C, Hiba Salman 9B and Syeda Fatima Zehra 9C. Although all students performed exceptionally well, Syeda Fatima Zehra’s arguments were the most persuasive.

The second debate topic was whether Karachi should be a province or not. The host for this topic was Raveen Abid 10C and the participants were Alisa Ubaid 10 B, Zunairah Imam 10C and Amna Sajjad 10B. After an extensive three rounds, Alisa ended up winning.

At the end both judges gave students their valuable feedback and the audience was given a chance to ask and answer questions. Overall, it was a fun and educational event and students got the opportunity to hone their persuasive skills in front of an audience.

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