Bait Baazi at Happy Home School


We participated in the Bait Baazi Competition, hosted by Happy Home School, on October 13, 2023. Laiba Faisal 10C, Hafsa Hammad 10B and Munazza Naveed 9B represented us.

It was a tough yet fun and engaging competition. Our students worked tirelessly and did their best. All three exceeded their teachers’ expectations and didn’t even make a single pronunciation mistake.

There were games similar to Charades, where students were shown a picture and they had to describe it using a word and games such as Antakshari but with poetry! The competition required students to be alert and quick with their responses, showcasing their talent. They came very close to winning but fell short by just one verse! Laiba, Hafsa and Munazza were given certificates to acknowledge all their hard work and efforts. We’re proud of them and look forward to more opportunities for them to do well in the future.