Term 1 Club Presentations Years 6 – 10

Years 6 – 10 had their First Term’s Club Presentations for the year 2023-2024 on different days, beginning from November 13, 2023 and concluding on November 27. All the displays were quite fascinating and the students enjoyed them a lot. The Robotics Club and Music Club will present at the end of the school session, so we will share that later.

The Taekwondo Club students demonstrated their strength and looked like little warriors! Their instructors helped them achieve flawless synchronization; it was quite empowering to watch.

Students in the Sports Club demonstrated their skills in throwball, football and basketball. They were divided into two groups to practice competition and also team work and to do their drills.

The Gardening Club displayed a vibrancy of colours. They grew several herbs, vegetables and flowers. They had also made charts detailing their findings.

The Theatre club performed their play during the Assembly. The play was based on a kind-hearted King, who was manipulated by his advisor. The play dealt with themes of racism and discrimination. The students did a remarkable job and their performance was truly commendable.

On the last day, several clubs had their displays. During Assembly, the Yoga Club students performed a complex routine that required a lot of balance and focus. For some of their routine, they performed in groups of three. The soothing music helped everyone feel relaxed.

Towards the end of the day, the Survival-Skills Club showcased a ton of handmade things such as hand-stitched bags and ladders. They also created their own first aid box filled with cotton buds, band-aids and cooling patches.

The students from the Skating Club took us all by surprise when they played basketball on skates! It was extremely difficult but they managed to pull it off.

The Scrabble Club was quite intriguing for a lot of students as they were allowed to participate as well. Students were given the opportunity to suggest words in one minute. The students learned a lot of new words since a Scrabble Dictionary was used.

And the STEM Club did a wonderful job of demonstrating a pumping heart and showing how objects can be lifted through a difference in air pressure!

Our students had a wonderful time going through all the clubs. Many of them even went back to see their favourite clubs a second time!

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