Founder’s Week House Plays 2023

This year as we move closer towards our 70th anniversary, we introduced a Founder’s Award for best House Play. This was a competitive yet collaborative contest where students had to work as a team for their House. It was heart-warming to see that the  three Houses also collaborated by sharing props which were common to their plays.

And so, this November, the school was buzzing with activity. Students were busy and worked hard with auditions and then play practice, preparing props, costumes, making brochures and posters for the plays, you name it and it was happening. Finally the tents went up and the buzz shifted to the quadrangle where dress rehearsals took place one day before the plays.

The House Head, House Coordinators and Directors of the plays really worked very hard. Juggling classes, time for practice, assessments and everything else in the life of a school carried on as usual; nerves were certainly fraught but tempers were in control J

The following plays were staged twice each day from November 21 – 23. The first show from 10.15 – 11.00 was for the Primary Section and the second show from 12.00 – 12.45 for the Secondary Section:

  • November 21. Air House: The Last Leaf
  • November 22. Sun House: The Man Who Came to Dinner
  • November 23. Water House: The Play that Goes Wrong

The Last Leaf was very compelling and enjoyable for many. The Man Who Came to Dinner and The Play That Goes Wrong were hilarious and oftentimes intentionally overly dramatic with continuous comic relief thrown in. These were popular and elicited many laughs.

The students, from the Actors to the Props Team, had outdone themselves. The teachers had also done a remarkable job of preparing them. That being said, the judges (the Principal and Academic Advisor of the school) decided that none of the plays matched up to the calibre and excellence that our Founder strived for. Hence the Founder’s Award was not given this year. Detailed feedback was given, for example, on script, stage, props, costume/makeup, vocal/sound quality, performance, gestures and facial expressions, to the House Head, Coordinators and Directors of the plays. They accepted the feedback with very good grace and pledged to keep the feedback in mind and strive for higher standards of excellence next year.

The results: Water House took first place by winning the most points, Air House came in second and Sun House took third place. These points will be added to their House Points for the House Trophy for the year.

Water House
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Air House
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