Spelling Bee at Ziauddin Intermediate College

We participated in all three rounds of the Spelling Bee hosted by Ziauddin Intermediate College. It began with Round 1 on November 10, 2023. Our participants were Ayesha Mushtaq 9B, Ifra Tanweer 9C and Syeda Fatima Zehra 9C.

In the first round, every group had to spell six words. Each student had to spell two words correctly. Our students excelled in this round. Out of 48 schools, we were one of the 4 schools to spell all the words correctly.

In the second round November 13, every group had to spell five words. In order to qualify for the next round, they had to spell only four words correctly. The students were given 90 seconds to spell each word. Our students won this round. Well Done!

The Grand Finale was on November 18, where every group was asked to spell as many words as they could in two minutes. Our students managed to spell 6 out of 11 words correctly.

Although we did not win in the Grand Finale, we are still extremely happy with our students’ performance. They tried their best to spell every single word, without choosing to pass on any of them. That’s the spirit Ayesha, Ifra and Fatima Zehra!!

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