PLF 2023 Attended by 150 Students from our School

On November 7 and 8, 2023, we attended the PLF 2023 (Pakistan Learning Festival). A total of 150 students from our school attended the event. They were accompanied by 12 of our staff members.

The first session they attended at the Bhittai Auditiorium, was organised by four women, who were from villages in Pakistan. They had utilised computer training skills provided to them by the government and different NGOs, to benefit their respective villages. With the support of their mothers, they had broken away from the norm and stereotype attached to women. They have now created their own businesses and are passing on their knowledge and skills to other youngsters.

This was followed by a video that everyone watched about a village girl, who managed to fix a motor in her village using a You Tube tutorial. It was a very awe-inspiring moment for our students! They felt encouraged to apply the skills and knowledge learned in school to their daily lives.

They then went to the Open Theatre where various performances on Climate Change were presented by different schools. Our students, Mehrose Shafiq 10C and Zarya Usmani 10B captured everyone’s attention with their essay on Climate Change while Yashfeen Saqib 7C recited a wonderful poem on Climate Change in the elocution round. This was followed by a speech on Climate Change by Hania Ahmed 7C. A play encouraging the planting of trees was also performed by our students. Everyone was delighted when our favourite song, “Dil Dil Pakistan” was sung by Mehrose. Both Mehrose and Zarya received certificates for their dramatic reading.

The day came to an end when Khaled Anam, a well known musician and TV artist accompanied by Raheela Baqai, the PR manager of OUP, conducted an activity on listening skills and following instructions, called “On the Bank and In the River.”

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