Nifty Thrifty Charity Shop

On April 12, 2023 we finally had our ‘Nifty Thrifty’ Charity Sale which we had introduced to staff in September 2022. The Nifty Thrifty Team has been working hard since last year, managing and storing donated items, logging them, maintaining inventories, pricing, planning and finally transforming the MPR into the Nifty Thrifty charity stalls.

The idea behind this initiative is to inculcate the value of letting some of our possessions go and sharing them with others. This is an important aspect of community spirit, which is what we would like to foster. It is about gratitude for what we have and about experiencing joy from seeing others give some of our beloved belongings a new home.

It is also about decluttering our lives with possessions we no longer really want or need and passing it on to someone else for whom “Everything Old is New Again.” This process reminds us how to live with what we really need, while giving others the opportunity to purchase commodities in good condition at affordable prices, especially stuff for children which they outgrow so fast.

All our staff came and enjoyed the ambience and goods on sale. They went around, laughed and chatted and purchased and looked really happy. There was a wonderful light-hearted vibe and sense of community which made all the hard work over the last eight months worthwhile.

A big shout out “Thank You” to all staff  for the donations of their belongings and of course time/energy/money in donating home-made goods. Have a look at the photographs!

We raised Rs 100,000 through sales, which will be distributed equally amongst all our ancillary staff, in these difficult times of huge inflation.

In light of the huge success of this sale, we look forward to another Nifty Thrifty Sale some time next year.

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