A Week of Fun … Club Displays

At the end of each term, time is set aside for all students from Years 1-10, to showcase their Club Period work and achievements. This term, our Club Display week was from April 1- 20, 2023.

The school was abuzz with joyous activity as children set up their project displays, put finishing touches to the artefacts they had created, or practiced their piece of music, taekwondo, yoga or theatre plays, as they prepped for their turn to perform. A day was set aside for the primary section and one for the secondary section, when children could come and have a look at what other Clubs had done throughout the term. Everyone was assigned timings to visit the various Club Displays and have students answer questions about what they had created.

Individual and band music, taekwondo, yoga and theatre plays were scheduled on different days and periods and also during Assembly time. Club Displays coincided with Earth Day (April 22nd) month, so the plays focussed on eco-friendly themes.

We don’t need to talk here about the benefits of club period, do we? All of us already know 😃 Look at the photographs to get a flavour of what went on during the week of Club Displays.

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