Intra School Elocution Contest

PECHS Girls’ School has always valued the importance of poetry as it gives students a healthy outlet for surging emotions and arranges this competition every year.

There are three rounds in this competition to ensure a hundred percent participation of the students as this is a House event. The winning house receives points crucial in winning the trophy.

In the first round, each Year Group from 1 till 10 are provided with five poems, composed by different poets both contemporary and classic. The students select a poem of their choice and practice it with their language teachers. Three students are selected from each Year Group, representing the three school houses (Air, Water and Sun). The students recite the same poem in front of the judges. These finalists are then provided with a different set of poems to be recited in the Final Round.

The final round is a significant affair. Experts/ Elocution coach are invited from different schools to judge our final elocution round from Years 1 till 10. Parents of the finalists are also invited to be a part of this event.

Intra School English Poem Elocution Competition was held for the students of Years 1-10 on Thursday, November 24, 2022. It was part of our Founder’s Week Celebration which is dedicated to Begum Amna Majeed Malik, a leading educationist and founder of PECHS Girls’ School and College.

Miss Sunita Kaikhusrowzada was invited from Mama Parsi School to be one of the judges for poem elocution. The other two judges included Ms. Yasmeen Shehzad and Ms. Mahjabeen, both have served PECHS Girls’ School for years and have vast experience of coaching English elocutionary skills to students.

The constructive feedback of the judges was valuable for our students and the school elocution team.

The winners were:

Year 1 C Husaina Mubbashir Water House
Year 2 C Anabiya Adeel Water House
Year 3 C Aqsa Irshad Air House
Year 4 A Zobia Rauhan Water House
Year 5 C Anabia Jawad Water House
Year 6 B Noor e Ain Wasti Water House
Year 7 A Inshaal Batool Sun House
Year 8 B Zahabia Gulzar Sun House
Year 9 C Raween Abid Water House
Year 10 A Irza Adil Sun House

As per the results, Water House took the lead.

Through this Competition, the students were able to explore what language means and how words can be used in different ways. It taught students that reciting poetry does not involve performance with large gestures or accents; rather it is a portrayal of emotions through the intonation, pauses and stresses.

Recording of the Elocution Contest is available on the given below links:
Primary Section:–_cK3wwwsj3RUwc26LGJw?usp=sharing
Secondary Section: