Inter-School Art Competitions | November 2022

At PECHS Girls’ School we regularly participate in Inter-School Art Competitions, consistently achieving prizes and special mentions. Art competitions allow our students to participate on a local, national, and international level. Show casing process and final product – after brainstorming, exploring and employing a myriad of techniques, our students are also learning to hone in on their presentation skills and understand what skills are required to submit final artworks in a competition. Participation in competitions allows our students to explore a range of new topics, view other student’s artworks and enhance their perspectives, exposure, and creativity which impacts all spheres of their lives. All this could not be done without the support and encouragement from our enthusiastic parent body.

Some of the competitions we have recently participated in and won prizes in are:

The DNA 8th Art for Change (Eco-Tourism, My Future Portrait, and Zero Hunger), The Little Art 11th Art Beat International Competition, The Colgate Bright Smiles and Bright Futures Child Art Competition. These competitions encouraged our students to reflect on socially responsible behaviour, other cultures, setting goals for themselves, their environment and health and hygiene. We are pleased to celebrate our children as artists presenting their views as a point of discourse for classmates, adults and making a difference to the world around them!

Our Winners:

Colgate Global Bright Smiles Bright Futures Child Art Competition

Zahra Mughal Year 2C – Top 100 Winners Category

DNA 8th Art for Change Competition Winners List

Momina Hilal 4B – 3rd Prize
Syeda Zuha Rahman 6A – 1st Prize
Hania Farooq 10C – School Winner
Mashal Ali 5D – Runner-up
Ayra Tausif 7B – Exhibition Runner-up
Hafsa Waqas 8A – Exhibition Runner-up

Special Mention Badge Runner-up

Abrish Misbah 1A
Eshaal Waseem 1B
Musfirah Sarfaraz 1B
Nabiha Siddique 4B
Zunaira Siddiqui 4B
Eshaal Azmat Khattak 5C
Fatima Khatri 6C
Hafsa Waqas 8A

The Little Art 11th Art Beat International Competition Winners List

Mairah Saqib 6B – Artbeat Special Award