Independence Day Celebration 2018

Independence Day celebrations usually revolve around wearing badges, waving flags, and singing patriotic songs. This year, to make our students’ celebrations more meaningful, the school organised visits to places in Karachi that hold historical and cultural relevance.

Students visited the Quaid’s Mazaar, National Museum, Quaid’s Museum, Mohatta Palace, Frere Hall and the PTV Station.

At PECHS Girls School, we encourage experiential learning. Prior to the tour, teachers worked with students to devise trivia-style questions about the aforementioned places. On their visits, the students spoke to different people to find answers to those questions.

In doing so, the students were not only engaged throughout their visit, but they had an opportunity to explore Pakistan’s heritage, learn from oral history and reflect on the country’s future.

In addition to the tour, the school also held an Independence Day event on August 14, 2018. The programme included speeches, poems as well song performances by students. A trivia-style quiz was also held where students got a chance to test their knowledge, and have fun simultaneously.

Our aim was to instill among students a sense of ownership and responsibility towards our country, make learning enjoyable and celebrate Pakistan’s independence in a more meaningful way!