In Memory of Ms Jamilah Jah

Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilayhi Raje’oon

I am deeply, deeply saddened by the loss of my beloved teacher and later colleague, Ms Jamilah. She was a respected and trusted colleague and will be missed by all of us who knew her, who were taught by her and who had worked with her.

Apart from teaching, she had with time mastered several administrative skills and implemented those with the greatest of ease. However, we all know that one of Ms Jamilah’s greatest contributions was in setting a very high standard for our maths department and she never faltered in doing her utmost towards maintaining that standard. Some students may have considered her strict, but she was a very conscientious teacher with high expectations. Her students always knew that she had their best interest in mind. They knew she wouldn’t give up until they had given their best and she supported them all the way in honing their skills towards excellence.

Her forty plus years of dedication to the PECHS Girls’ School, her devotion to upholding an ethical way of living her life and her integrity made her a valued member of our team. She was respected by colleagues and students alike. To Khala (Nageen Malik) and later myself, she was a tremendous source of invaluable support.

May her soul rest in peace.

Seema Malik
PECHS Girls School