Years 6 and 7 Field Trip to TDF Magnifi Science Centre

The much-awaited Field Trip for Years 6 and 7 took place on March 21, 2023. It was a wonderful educational and fun experience for both the students and the teachers accompanying them.

The trip helped our students engage with science in a fun way while observing, exploring and developing an understanding of everyday science phenomena.

They started off on the third floor where they walked without shoes on a floor-map of Karachi’s timeline marked with our monuments and landmarks. They studied the Air Quality Index as well and took a quiz related to the City of Lights and Air Quality Index. In the Imagineers Karkhana they learnt about how wood work is done. They also learnt how shadows are made and tried their hand at becoming young newscasters.

The second floor dedicated to mathematics and physics is where our students learnt about graphs and windmills and how to make a circuit. They saw a solar powered car and fan which inspired their young minds. The modes of communication of different eras were also exhibited there. They also learnt about renewable and non- renewable energy resources.

The first floor had a mirror maze which everyone enjoyed but since there were mirrors all around, therefore the students were also somewhat confused in solving the maze. The anti-gravity room was an excellent experience as they internalised what would happen had there been no gravity.

It was a wonderful trip enjoyed by the young scientists and the teachers alike, as they got a hands-on experience and deeper understanding of some of the amazing science concepts they had learnt about in school.