We Participated in the PACE Junior Challenge

On October 28, 2023, we participated in the PACE Junior CEO Challenge 2023. Amal Zeeshan Sharif from 8C, won a shield for earning the position of Second Runner-up. Hareem Khalid and Marium Nadeem, also 8C, were amongst the Top 40 candidates.

In the first round, each of the participants had to prepare and present a three-minute PowerPoint detailing their idea. In the second round, a group of experts shared tips and guided the candidates on presenting their idea in the best possible way.

Amal’s idea was to create a pill that could replace sunscreen. Her idea came to life due to her personal experience. She believes that sunscreen doesn’t suit everyone and can often cause skin irritation. This made her think of a creative alternative.

Well done Amal, Hareem and Marium!

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