Our Primary Section Pupils Celebrate Sindhi Culture Day

Our children celebrated Sindhi Culture Day on December. 12, 2023. The Primary Section pupils performed twice during the morning assembly; first for the Primary Section and then for the Secondary Section.

The performers were dressed in beautiful Ajrak and some of them wore pretty caps. In addition, some teachers also represented Sindh by wearing Ajrak. Following announcements and Qirat a pupil of Year 4 delivered a speech about Sindhi culture. The speech shed light on the importance of Sindhi culture and the beauty of Sindh. This was followed by an act performed by Year 5 pupils that highlighted the value of Ajrak. The performance came to a close after the Qalaam was performed by pupils of Years 4 and 5. The teachers and students clapped along to the joyous music. It was such an enjoyable morning for everyone!

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