Career Quest for Year 8

At a certain point in a student’s life, responsibility is bestowed on them which will determine the future of their lives and the impact on society. We know that a hasty and pressurized decision has never led to a favorable outcome. That’s why seven influential and accomplished women were invited to share their academic and professional journeys with us.

On February 28, 2023, all of us bright-eyed Year 8 students were given the key to unlock the door to our future success. The speakers aided us by responding to our queries, thereby reducing our high levels of anxiety and confusion and encouraging us to follow our passions. The speakers removed the veil of many doubts and enabled us to see the world from a new and very different perspective.

The speakers themselves were examples of the fact that the very fields generally considered insignificant, can be the most exceptional, if one is passionate about them. Textile Design, Law, Architecture, Journalism, Fine Arts and Public Health have not really been stressed upon by our judgmental society. And now, it’s time for us, to approach the steps of the career which intrigues us, regardless of what society comments about it.

We express our gratitude to our prestigious school and the wonderful speakers for showing us a light in the dark.

Written by our Year 8 News Writers Team:
Rania Khurram 8A, Ayesha Atif and Ifrah Tanveer 8B, Ayesha Mushtaq and Syeda Fatima Zehra 8C