Art Transports Us Around the World

Our art exhibition, ‘Art Transports Us Around the World,’ was a display of our
student’s creativity and hard work over the year. The theme was designed to give
our students exposure to art from various cultures and countries, some from
centuries ago and some inspired by modern art and artists. We showcased African
Masks, Native American Welcome Totem Poles, Ancient Cave Art, and Aboriginal
inspired paintings.
The exhibition also featured a collection of art made by Years 1-7 in a variety of
mediums using mostly recycled materials. From artist/alum Mona Naqsh inspired
acrylic on canvas paintings, to three-dimensional paper maché balloons to birds and
cacti installations, we did it all! Old business cards were recycled and reused to
create our Wave of Emotion using Emojis!
Our students who have been immersed in creating their art are now extremely
excited and full of pride to see it all displayed and viewed by the entire school
community, especially their parents.