Annual Sports Day 2019-20

At PECHS Girls’ School, Sports Day was celebrated on November 5, 2019 – November 7, 2019. Air, Sun, and Water house competed against each other in the event.
Moreover, primary, middle section and secondary section equally contributed to the event with the assistance of the assigned teachers.
The early years performed yoga before the commencement of the races so as to achieve mindfulness, which plays a crucial role in developing a focused, positive and peaceful state of mind.
However, the sports fever reached a crescendo on Thursday November 7, 2019. Commencing from the exciting final throwball match of year 10, it ended up with several staff races and taekwondo display that thrilled the audience. In between, hurdle race , baton relay race, sprint race and sack race were observed. Above all, the council members exhibited firmness of spirit and sense of unity by making a formation. Though the house trophy was awarded to Air house for scoring the highest points, the event proved to be a victory for the entire school.