Annual Intra-school Debate Competition and Panel Discussion

Empowering girls via education extends well beyond classroom learning, something that we, at PECHS Girls’ School, fully recognise. This year’s Annual Intra-school Debate Competition and Panel Discussion pushed the boundaries with discourse on various topics, including an open discussion on freedom of speech and period-shaming.

The debate competition was held among students from Years 5, 6, 7 and 8, whereas students from Year 9 and Year 10 participated in the panel discussion.

Each year group argued over a different idea, exploring various themes such as animal rights, influence of social media, internet usage and parenting styles.

For panel discussion in Urdu, students explored the idea of sortition as opposed to democracy. In the panel discussion in English, students from Year 9 dissected society’s focus on physical appearances and beauty standards.

Similarly, students from Year 10 discussed their viewpoints on exercising the right to freedom of expression. In the English panel discussion, participants shared research on taboos around menstruation.

The topics for debate and panel discussions kept students engaged and gave them an opportunity to expand their horizons.

Debate competitions offer a transformational experience to students. Girls learn to speak with confidence, articulate themselves with sound reasoning, and ultimately, respect one another in a disagreement – all elements necessary for a thriving democracy.

Winners of 2018 Annual Intra-School Debate Competition and Panel Discussion:

Year English Urdu
Year 5 Dua Kamal Subul Mukhtar
Year 6 Simra Tariq Maliha Gul
Year 7 Khadija Kazi Hania Younus
Year 8 Momina Khabir Ayesha Najam
Year 9 Wania Zamarud Hasbia Basit
Year 10 Amna Muneer Syeda Shiza Rizvi