A Magical Kingdom: Terabithia Carnival 2023

The school quadrangle was abuzz with excitement on Tuesday, October 17, 2023. The carnival was an event that the Student Council had been planning for weeks and students had been eagerly waiting for, for weeks. On the day, members of the Student Council along with their Year 10 classmates were busy making last minute arrangements for this year’s carnival, an event planned to raise funds for a worthy cause.

The aroma of fries was floating in the air. There were spicy, crispy rolls available along with mouth-watering mini-burgers and mini-pizzas. Students were piling up for the delicious chocolate-filled waffles and mini-pancakes that tasted as if they had come right out of the oven. To wash it all down in the hot summer day, chilled sodas and juices were also being sold. Needless to say, the food items were irresistible and drool-worthy.

Various activities and games had also been organized by the Council. Singing and dancing was endless thanks to the Karaoke performances and the Ballroom. Year 10 even set up a heart- pounding Haunted House. Their terrifying costumes and make-up surely frightened a lot of juniors, maybe even teachers! “Mind Your Language,” a skit performed by Year 10 students, was brilliantly hilarious. “The Criminal Case” made everyone feel like a detective.

It was great fun and a learning experience for all our students. For the little ones, purchasing coupons, handling their money and deciding what to buy and where to go independently was a valuable lesson. Needless to say, teachers were supporting them whilst encouraging them to make their own decisions.

The Council and Year 10 students were constantly on their feet, solving problems as they arose and which always do during events at this scale. The presence of mind they demonstrated during the toughest times, by handling the slightest complications was praiseworthy. Well done Student Council! Now we will wait to see how much you raised and which charity you will support and donate to.

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