Uniforms, Accessories, and Personal Appearance Guidelines

A clear code of conduct for uniforms, appearance and grooming is essential for a disciplined and safe learning environment. These guidelines support students’ overall well-being and provide you with clear school rules. All students must wear the prescribed school uniform at all times.

Years 1-10 Uniform Specifications

 All Year Round
Years 1 – 5Years 6 – 10Availability
Grey FrockGrey Qameez  Maria’s Uniform  
White “V”
White Leggings   (Optional)White Shalwar
Plain White SocksYour choice
Black School Shoes (see images below)Bata/Servis
Additional Winter Clothing Specifications
Maroon Hoodie with school’s monogramMaria’s Uniform
Sports Uniform
House T-ShirtSchool
Grey Track PantsSchool
Joggers or Sneakers with Velcro or Laces. (Any Colour)Bata/Servis
AllowedSimple, small Studs.– Simple ponytail/braid – Black, white, grey, brown, maroon hairbands and hairclips – Hairbands and clips in house-colours on PE DaySimple inexpensive WatchesMehndi/Henna After Eid and when there has been a wedding in the family.
Not AllowedDangling  fancy earringsPierced Nose– Hair dye/tint – Fashion dye – StreakingSmart Watches– Necklaces – Rings – Bracelets – Make up – Nail polish

Accessories Policy: A Quick Guide

School Bag Policy

Before you purchase a school bag, please also read the section on Health & Hygiene.

Schoolbag Packing Routine

To ensure your children’s bag is not too heavy, for their comfort and safety, make and follow a daily schoolbag packing routine. Here is what they will need in school:

Years 1-3Years 4 – 10Years 1 – 10
– Snack box – Water bottle – Diary  – Snack box – Water bottle – Stationery – Diary – Pack bags based on timetables. Carry only required notebooks and textbooks for each subject as specified by teachersA thin, light book or magazine for DEAR Time

Nits and Lice Control

The control of nits and lice among students is a matter of great importance. Checking regularly for nits and lice is your responsibility. This will not be done in school.

School will do the following:

– Educate students about nits and lice prevention and good hygiene practices

– Issue personal-grooming warning slips for obvious infestations

– Isolate students in class, with obvious infestations

– Send children home if they remain infested after a warning