Special Educational Needs (SEN)

We recognise that there will be some pupils with SEN. They may be hindered from fulfilling their potential if their needs are not recognised and individual supervision isn’t provided.

The focus of the SEN Programme is to help all pupils at the primary level realise their potential. It is to undertake preventative work to ensure that pupils having special educational needs are identified as quickly as possible and that early action is taken to meet those needs. Every teacher can expect to find pupils with learning differences and even learning disabilities in the classroom. Success for pupils with learning differences requires a focus on individual achievement, individual progress and individual learning.

Despite obstacles, we can teach pupils with special educational needs how to learn by teaching them skills, strategies, and providing scaffolding which leads them towards a stronger understanding and ultimately, greater independence in the learning process.

We have a Special Educational Needs Teacher/ Coordinator (SENCo) who is available to assist both pupils and teachers with matters relating to SEN. We also concentrate on the self-esteem and sense of self-worth of the child, and value diversity and equality among pupils in the school. Our aim is to see SEN pupils come out learning the appropriate skills and competencies needed for them to succeed.

Our fully trained SENCo reviews SEN referrals sent by teachers and assesses whether the pupil needs SEN sessions. If she ascertains that the pupil needs Sen sessions, then she prepares a weekly schedule for the pupil, if not, she gives the teachers some tips/strategies to support the pupil. She develops SEN materials based on the pupil’s individual needs and may suggest Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) for each SEN pupil for use in the classroom. She also suggests how to make the classroom environment as supportive and as inclusive as possible for children with special education needs.

The SENCo works in consultation with the Academic Advisor to maintain a high quality SEN Programme. She regularly tracks and documents the progress of all pupils with SEN and keeps their records/documentation up to date for review on a quarterly basis.