Visit to ITech at Jinnah University

PECHS Girls’ School’s Computer Science students from Years 9C and 10C attended JTech, a software exhibition hosted at Jinnah University on February 16, 2024. They were accompanied by their ICT teacher. Our students were fascinated with the diverse array of innovative technologies that had been featured. They were able to witness first-hand the practical applications of concepts they learn in their classrooms. The exhibition showcased numerous software projects in the fields of Data Science and Robotics.

Our students were able to see the inner workings of several projects such as Safe Zone, Cyber Shield, Seniors Go Digital and an Urdu learning platform. There were also several projects that focused on mental health and emotional well-being such as OCD-Escape, Healing Horizons, VR Healer and Mind Raise. Years 9C and 10C found the demonstrations to be quite interactive and informative. In addition, the exhibition sparked their curiosity about the potential career paths available to them in the tech industry.

The visit was productive as it provided our students with various options for their future and for some students, it helped narrow down their options. Overall, it was a rewarding and inspirational experience that certainly left an impression on our students.

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