The Student Council 2016 -2017 along with Year 10 students organized Funtastica; an event, which focussed on raising funds for our Faiz Library.

In just a week’s time, the students completed all the preparations for the games and activities that they had planned for the students of Years 1 – 9. From designing the coupons to drafting the circular, the students managed ALL the tasks on their own. Well Done!

Funtastica took place on Wednesday, February 01, 2017. There were interesting games and activities like: Splash Me if You Can, Spin the Wheel, Mazy Maze, Hair Styling, Haunted House, Illusion Room and many more. Over all there were 30 games and activities.

Various food stalls were also arranged for pupils and students to relish.

The day ended successfully leaving behind unforgettable memories for everyone, especially Year 10.