End of Year Party

The end of year party was held on May 18, 2017 to conclude another rigorous academic year. The theme was ‘Summer Bash.’ Pupils and students dressed up in light summery clothes, prepared welcome drinks and appetizers with their teachers and had a great time.

The classrooms were transformed into restaurants, decorated with tablemats, vases, candles, napkins, cutlery and crockery. At the start of the day, children designed menu cards and posters. The objective of the party, other than a year-end get-together and fun, was to reinforce table manners and have a dine-in experience with friends and teachers.

The tables were set in buffet style and all the food items were labelled. Teachers and students were very innovative with the summer drinks; they tried various fusions and came up with delicious fresh and healthy juices and smoothies. Falsa, kairi and mint crusher, were the highlights of the day. For the appetizers, fruits were cut into small pieces and served on skewers. There were a few activities planned outside the classrooms as well, such as ‘ballroom’, storytelling sessions and a photo booth where pupils created fond memories with their classmates.