Van Service

The following points highlight our school policy on Van Services:

  • We are not affiliated with any van service.
  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for ensuring their child(ren)’s safety while they are using this service.
  • Responsibilities are shared among parents, children and transport personnel. Please go through the following to understand the responsibilities of each stakeholder:
Parents/Guardian’s Responsibilities– Ensure that you verify the transport personnel’s details, documentation and the condition of the van.   – It is essential that all of us maintain and uphold the transport personnel’s respect and dignity.   – Negotiate van fees directly with the transport personnel.   – Ensure children are ready at least five minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.   – Notify the school via email/application of any changes in van service.   – Make alternate transport arrangements if children are late for the van.   – Report bullying concerns directly to the school. Avoid communicating directly with other parents or children.   – Encourage children not to buy eatables from hawkers and avoid giving money to them. Besides being unhygienic, this causes delays in your child’s van leaving for home.   – Be respectful in all interactions with the van service personnel.  
Children’s Responsibilities– Respect the van service personnel and follow their instructions.   – Enter and exit the van in an orderly manner and sit in assigned seats.   – Gather at the designated area at home time and remain with other van children.   – Ensure your own and others’ safety by being seated during your commute, keeping your hands to yourself, and not littering inside or outside the van. – Do not force the van service personnel to stop for any purchases or to drop off at unapproved locations.   – Be respectful in all your interactions with other van mates.  
Transport Personnel Responsibilities– Treat parents and children respectfully, politely and professionally.   – Maintain a neat appearance and share contact information with the parents and with the school.   – Display a school-issued placard when picking up children from school at Home-Time.   – Maintain discipline without yelling or shouting.   – Ensure all children are dropped off at designated stops only.   – Inform parents in advance if unable to pick up/drop off children.   – Provide services on Saturdays if the school is open without extra charges.   – Follow all traffic rules to ensure safety.  
School’s Role in Facilitation– Maintain documentation of transport personnel and their vehicles.   – Keep updated lists of children using van services.   – Address and resolve bullying complaints from parents, children and transport personnel by meeting all parties involved if need be.