Student and Security ID Cards for Years 1 – 10

Each parent will receive two Identity Cards to ensure smooth participation in school-related matters: One Student ID Card and one Security ID Card.

1. Student ID Card details:

During the ten years your daughter spends with us, she will receive a Student ID Card four times as she progresses from the Primary to the Middle and finally to the Secondary Section. Student ID Cards will be issued in Year 1, Year 3, Year 6 and Year 9.

Your daughter will need her Student ID Card for:

– Educational trips, competitions, picnics, and inter-school events

– Various forms, including a Bona Fide Letter and Caution Money Form

– College admissions after Matriculation

– Access to volunteering activities beyond school premises, such as, SIUT or Dar-ul-Sukoon

– Discounts on public transportation, railway, airfare, museums and restaurants

Please keep an eye on the validity-date of the Student ID Card. When it expires, a new one will be issued.

2. Security ID Card details:

It is essential for the safety of your child. Presentation of the Security ID Card at the entrance is mandatory to ensure smooth access to the school premises and to uphold the safety of our community.

We urge you to keep the Security ID Card accessible and secure. Present it when you come to school and give it to authorised persons who may come to collect your daughter/s during school hours or at home time.

The type of Security ID Card you receive will depend on the number of children in our school:

* Single Student Security ID Card for only one child studying at the PECHS Girls’ School

* Siblings Security Card for more than one child studying at the PECHS Girls’ School

The Security ID Card will be valid until your child is in our school.

Please Note that in the event of Lost/Misplaced Student or Security ID Cards:

You should promptly request a duplicate Identity Card by emailing us at :

A fee of Rs.1000 will apply for each duplicate ID Card

The Issuance of a Duplicate ID Card bearing a “Duplicate” stamp will be completed within 15 working days

Your cooperation in observing these guidelines is vital for maintaining a safe and secure environment for all.