Our School Logo & School Anthem

Our School Logo

  • Ilm o Amal signifies the connection between knowledge and action. When we acquire knowledge, it must be reflected in our deeds.
  • The rising sun serves as an emblem of illumination, highlighting its role as a source of light. Metaphorically, knowledge is equated with light, and ignorance with darkness. Therefore, knowledge (light) guides us towards righteousness, and empowers us to differentiate between right and wrong.
  • The sun’s rays symbolize the beams of hope that education brings into our lives and gives us a sense of direction.
  • The star emits its individual radiance. Every child possesses unique strengths and qualities. By providing them with a nurturing environment, we enable them to blossom and excel.
  • The Persian phrase means a healthy body will lead to a healthy mind.

Our School Anthem

Our school anthem is sung using Raag Gaud Sarang and Taal Chenchal Saath maatra to create an energetic musical background. It adds a positive and enthusiastic feel to the anthem. The following verses are used as استہائ and سنچائ respectively.

The essence of our anthem is that this institution will help us overcome our fears and teach us to confront our problems bravely. It is like having a friend to guide us every day, growing from a small stream to a big river. If we fit in and learn during our time here, we can succeed in the world. It inspires us to believe in knowledge and action (Ilm and Amal) to build a brighter future.

The significance of this anthem grew as the wisdom and values from its last verse became the central idea for the monogram of the school.