Late Arrival Policy

One of the core values of the PECHS Girls’ School is the discipline of regularity and punctuality of all its staff and children.

This rule is non-negotiable and we stand firm in our resolve to instil these values in those associated with us. In order to do so, late comers will not be allowed inside the school after the third warning per term.

Please note if your child is Tardy/Late three times in a term, there will be no room for discussion about a couple of minutes      here or there. They will just be sent home. The two terms are: August to December and January to May.

School starts at 7.50 am sharp. To ensure that all students participate in the School Assembly, they must arrive in school before 7:50 am.

Our numerous School Clocks are synchronised and validated for accuracy every alternate day and these will be the benchmark for time. To help children learn  the value of punctuality and honesty and to avoid unpleasantness in the morning, parents are requested to synchronize their watches/clocks with Pakistan Standard Time (PKT) on the Internet.

The person in charge of Arrivals every morning is Ms. Ghulam Khadijah, who is also the Librarian of the Faiz Library.

The Front Desk Officer (FDO)  keeps a record of all latecomers and keeps an eye on the number of           times a child is late, along with the date.

Rules and Regulations

The school gate will be closed at 7.51 am. If a child comes after this time, she will need to go  to the Front Desk Office and inform the Front Desk Officer (FDO).

The FDO will check the late arrival record and the student’s diary which she has to show him. After he has verified the information, he will give the student a Gate Pass and liaise with Ms. Ghulam Khadijah. He updates the record on a regular basis.

Entry for students through a Gate Pass will ONLY be allowed if she is:

  • Late for the First Time
  • Late for the Second Time
  • Late for the Third Time

Once the student has gained entry inside the school, she can go directly to her classroom. Ms. Ghulam Khadijah will ensure that a note of warning is sent to the student during the day.

If the student is late a Fourth Time, she will be sent back home.

Parent please wait until the child enters the gate.

Please note:

The Late arrival policy will apply from 7.51 am till 8.15 am. No student will be allowed after 8.15 am.   In case a student comes after 8.15 am, she will be sent back home.