Home-Time Policy

We have a Home-Time Policy in place which will ensure that children leave school safely and efficiently. This policy outlines the responsibilities for both the School and the Parents. By following these simple guidelines, we hope to create a secure and organised home-time routine for everyone.

Responsibilities of the School

Home time for children is at 1.30 pm from Monday to Thursdayand 12.15 pm on Fridays.

To ensure a smooth transition, School Staff (Admin & teachers) are assigned duties at designated areas, such as, corridors, staircases, quadrangle, private-car venues and Gates 1 and 2.

During home-time, teachers on duty ensure children do not play in the quadrangle, sit on benches in corridors, eat snacks, or take out materials from their bags so that they don’t delay their departure. If they want to eat a snack, they can have it in their vans.

To avoid overcrowding and confusion, Van Drivers have been asked to come in two slots. Slot 1: 1.30 pm and Slot 2: 1.40 pm. Teachers accompany children to the quadrangle according to the time slots.

Private-Car children come downstairs at 1.30 pm. They go straight to their assigned venues, accompanied by their teachers who stay with them until 2.00 pm

After 2.00 pm, Private-Car children go to the Faiz Library and on Fridays at 12.45 pm.

Children attending ELSS or a practice session for an upcoming event wait in the Faiz Library supervised by the librarian or duty-teacher, after their session is over.

Responsibilities of Private-Car Parents

Present your Security ID Card at Gate 2 in order to pick up your child. This applies to anyone else who may come instead of you to fetch your child.

Be punctual and be present at the Private-Car Venues by 1.35 pm.

Avoid crowding or engaging in conversations at any venue to prevent congestion.

Pick up your child from the Faiz Library near Gate 1 after 2.00pm.

If we follow these simple rules, together we can ensure a safe and efficient home-time routine for the children.