Drop Everything and Read

A new initiative to promote and acknowledge the value of reading began in October 2017. Like in other parts of the world, we are also calling it DEAR Time (Drop Everything and Read). We are doing this to demonstrate to our children that we value reading for pleasure and we are making time for it periodically.

DEAR is classroom time, which is set-aside for teachers and students to “Drop Everything and Read.” The goal of DEAR is to encourage independent silent reading for extended periods of time. Students choose the book they wish to read based on their interest and ability.

At our school we have extended DEAR Time to everyone, literally everyone! From the Principal to the cleaners everyone reads. Those who can’t read, look at picture books.

  • DEAR Time is a surprise activity which will held periodically. Students are expected to keep a book of their interest with them ALL THE TIME.
  • DEAR Time is for ten minutes.
  • DEAR Time is signalled with a loud drumbeat.
  • We ensure there is reading material available around the school in designated areas for parents, visitors and teachers or children who can’t reach their bags when they hear the drum beat signal.

Please note that we do not check or monitor children during DEAR Time. All of us need to understand that it is OUR time to read and to benefit from the pleasure of reading.

Hopefully, you will share and explain the above to your daughter(s). With your support, this initiative will surely turn into a meaningful and successful endeavour.

Happy Reading Everyone ☺