Drop Everything and Read (DEAR)

Why is DEAR Time important?

Sadly, reading a book is losing its popularity. Literature and books now have to compete with a wide range of electronic media and there is a trend of losing interest in reading in favour of TV and social media. Sadly, several bookshops in our city have shut down and been replaced by other fancy stores.

To do our little bit and revive the culture of reading in our school, we introduced DEAR Time in 2017. We believe that making time in our schedule for informal reading demonstrates our belief that reading for pleasure is important.

DEAR Time extends to everyone, literally everyone! From the Principal to the Cleaners and even the Guards outside, everyone reads. Those who can’t read, look at picture books.

Is DEAR Time in the timetable?

No, it isn’t. DEAR Time is a surprise activity!

It is a weekly activity, except during exams or some other week-long activity, such as Theatre Week.

DEAR Time is for ten minutes.

DEAR time is signalled with a loud drumbeat. When this drumbeat is heard, everyone stops whatever they are doing and picks up a book.

We ensure there is reading material available around the school in designated areas for parents, visitors and teachers or children who can’t reach their bags when they hear the drum beat signal.

How you can help!

Remind your daughter to select the book she would like to read during DEAR Time and place it in her bag. It could even be her library book. She can choose a thin book or bring a thicker book on days when she needs to bring fewer textbooks. Just make sure her bag doesn’t get too heavy.

Please note that we do not check or monitor children during DEAR Time. All of us need to understand that it is OUR individual time to read and to benefit from the pleasure of reading.

With everyone’s support, this initiative will surely continue to be a meaningful and successful endeavour.

Happy Reading Everyone ☺