Digital Fee Payment

We bank with Habib Bank Limited (HBL). In August 2023 we switched to digital fee payment, although we have retained the option of depositing cash at the bank for those of you who prefer not to use Internet Banking.

You will receive your child’s fee voucher with a UIN (Unique Identification Number) from the PECHS Girls’ School after admission dues have been paid. This UIN will remain the same until your child passes out from our school. For the different Modes of Fee Payment, please read the instructions below.

Available Modes of Fee Payment

1. HBL Bank Mobile Application (For HBL Customers Only)

You can pay through HBL Mobile Banking, HBL Internet Banking, or HBL Konnect.
To access your child’s data, please select PECHS Girls’ School under the Education tab on the HBL Mobile Application. Then enter the consumer number on the fee voucher, which you will be asked for. This is the same as the UIN.

2. Non-HBL Customers

Non-HBL customers, you should use the 1-Bill Invoice ID as your UIN to access your child’s data through mobile banking or mobile wallet. The 1-Bill invoice ID/UIN  stays the same until your child passes out from our school.

Simply select the 1-Bill option on Internet Banking, ATM, or Mobile Wallet. Then enter the
1-Bill invoice ID to access your child’s data.

After making the fee payment online, please check the fee status on the DgEd app. The app provides real-time updates on the fee status. If you notice that the status has not been updated, please contact the School’s Accounts Department.

3. HBL Bank Branch Visit

For those who prefer to visit a physical branch, you can deposit the voucher in cash at the HBL branch located in the PECHS Commercial Area, Karachi during banking days and hours.

Installing the DgEd Mobile App

If you haven’t installed the mobile app, you can download it through the following links. To receive your login credentials, please email the school’s Accounts Department.

DgEd app links:

For Android users:

For iOS users:

Please Note: In strict compliance with our regulations, if fee payments are made through any means other than the payment channels mentioned above, they will not be accepted by the automated system, and the fee will not be marked as paid. Consequently, arrears will be added to the next month’s fee voucher.

If for some reason you don’t receive the physical voucher which is sent every month through your child, you can download the same voucher from the DgEd Mobile app. In addition, you can use your child’s UIN number every month to pay the fee through digital banking or mobile wallet.

If you have any inquiries related to fee payments, please feel free to contact us at
021-3455 6423 or 021-3455 9363. You can also email us: