Core Values of the PECHS Girls’ School

A core value is a central belief that is deeply understood and shared by every member of an organization. Core values guide the actions of everyone in the organization. They focus its energy and are the anchor point for all its plans. Our Core values in alphabetical order are:

Commitment. We will:

  • Show loyalty to friends, colleagues and the school
  • Show support and care for those who need help
  • Work to the highest level
  • Keep the school rules

Community Service. We will:

  • Find positive ways to contribute to the broader community
  • Share time and talents with others
  • Take an active role in service opportunities in the school and community
  • Celebrate involvement in service

Compassion. We will:

  • Understand the circumstances and viewpoints of others
  • Develop the capacity to forgive others and ourselves
  • Celebrate the contributions and achievements of others
  • Promote a peaceful, caring and safe community

Excellence. We will:

  • Produce work of the highest quality
  • Set high standards and personal goals for improvement
  • Make best use of talents, time and resources
  • Take pride in personal achievement

Integrity. We will:

  • Stand up for what we believe in
  • Be honest with ourselves and others
  • Demonstrate fairness in our judgments and actions
  • Fulfil commitments and promises

Respect. We will:

  • Value all members of our school community
  • Accept others with different points of view and beliefs
  • Display good manners at all times
  • Show respect for our school building, facilities and surrounding environment

Responsibility. We will:

  • Take ownership of our behavior as individuals
  • Have the courage to think and act independently
  • Demonstrate problem solving and decision-making skills
  • Be reliable and trustworthy