Arrival and Home Time

One of the Core Values of the PECHS Girls’ School is the discipline of regularity and punctuality of all its staff and children.

This rule is non-negotiable and we stand firm in our resolve to instil these values in those associated with us.

Practising punctuality is a great habit that demonstrates how serious you are in what you do. Whether it is a casual or professional meeting, being right on time shows how important time is for you and how you show respect and importance to others’ time. It enables us and others to acknowledge the importance and value of time.

Being on time helps you establish a good reputation and allows others to trust you. When you are punctual, others perceive you as polished and organised, rather than

Haphazard and hurried.

Our numerous School Clocks are synchronised and validated for accuracy every alternate day and these are the benchmarks for time. To help your children learn the value of punctuality and honesty, and to avoid unpleasantness in the mornings, you are requested to start the day on time and to synchronise your watches/clocks with Pakistan Standard Time (PKT) on the Internet. Needless to say, your smart phones will give you the correct time.

School starts at 7.50 am sharp. To ensure that your children participate in the School Assembly, they must arrive before 7.50 am.

Arrival Time:

  • Gates 1 and 2 are used for entrance and Exit for staff and children both.
  • The van drivers accompany the children from the vans till the entrance of Gate 1. They are not allowed to enter with them in the morning.
  • Admin Staff must be on their assigned duties immediately once they have signed in.
  • Private Car/Driver children must use Gate 2. Parents should stay in the car when they come to drop their child(ren).
  • Private Car children must be ready with their bags and water bottles so that they can immediately leave the car.
  • Parents are discouraged from coming to school at the same time as children. For any meeting, they need to make an appointment. If they have the meeting in the morning, their entrance will be from Gate 1. Visitor pass to be taken from the Front Desk Officer by showing the Parent ID Card.
  • School Gate closes immediately after arrival time that is 7.50 am and remains that way throughout the day to help ensure effective management.
  • If the Private Car children come after 7.50 am at Gate 2, they should move towards the Front Desk Office at Gate 1.
  • After 7.50 am, “Late Arrival Policy” is applied for children using Gates 1 and 2 both.
  • All children must move towards the Front Desk Office immediately to take an entrance pass if they have come after 7.50 am.
  • Teachers need to sign in by 7.45 am. The YGTs must be present in their classrooms as soon as they have signed in.
  • If any teaching or non-teaching staff member is late or comes other than the usual school timings, they need to move towards the Front Desk Office to take the gate pass for the entrance.

Home Time:

  • Home time is at 1.30 pm for children.
  • Home time is at 1.45 pm for teachers. Duty teachers at the Private Car venues get off at 2.00 pm.
  • An Exit Pass is issued by the respective head in case of an early leave taken by the staff members and children. They have to hand it over to the gatekeeper before leaving.
  • Teachers are assigned for the home time duty at the following areas:
    • Corridors upstairs and downstairs
    • Staircases upstairs and downstairs
    • Quadrangle
    • Outside Library and Fee Collection Counter
    • Outside the “Reception” near green jaffery
    • Private Car Venues
    • At Gate 1 & 2
  • Children should avoid the following during home time:
    • play in the quadrangle. (Practice session for various events can take place after 2.00 pm)
    • stand or sit on benches in the corridors as they need to immediately join their van lines.
    • eat snacks. (They can eat snacks at their venues when waiting for the parents or driver to come)
    • take out materials from their bags.
  • Van drivers come inside the school in two slots to fetch the children from the quadrangle.
Van Drivers Entrance TimingsVan Drivers to Enter for their Van SlotChildren to gather in the ground by
Monday to Thursday
First Slot1.25 pm1.30 pm
Second Slot1.30 pm1.35 pm
First Slot12.05 pm12.15 pm
Second Slot12.05 pm12.20 pm
  • Lists of van drivers are put up in the classrooms and teachers need to send the children as per their van time slots.
  • Teachers must be present in the classroom at home time till all the children leave. Do not leave them unattended.
  • Private Car and Van children of First Slot will come downstairs at 1.30 pm. Van children of Second Slot will come downstairs at 1.40 pm.
  • The following classes are assigned venues for children of the second Slot vans. They need to go to these venues at 1.30 pm and on Friday at 12.15 pm to empty their classroom for the Private Car children.
For Year GroupsVenues of Second Slots Van children
6 A, B & C7 C
7 A, B & C 
8 A, B & C7 B
9 A, B & C7 A
10 A, B & C7 A
  • It is a must for the parents to show the Parent/ Security ID Card at the entrance to fetch children from the school.
  • Private Car children must go to their assigned venues by 1.30 pm. Teachers must accompany them to the venues.
  • The teachers who are assigned home time duty must be present at the Private Car venues to handover the children to the parents till 2.00 pm.
  • Private Car children must go to the library at 2.00 pm and on Fridays, at 12.45 pm. Librarian is responsible for them once they are sent to the library.
  • Children who go home late on a regular basis must be sent to the school’s Day Care. This facility is given to them so that they are under adult supervision and can feel relaxed or take rest until their parents come to fetch them. Children who want to go to the washroom before home time should be allowed till 1.15 pm by the teachers and on Fridays; till 12.00 noon.
  • In case of an emergency the duty teachers must allow the children to visit the washroom.
  • Children who attend ELSS or any practice session must wait in the library once their session is over under the supervision of the librarian or the duty teacher.
  • Staff members’ children must go to the library with the Private Car children. They must not wander around in school or go to their parents. They will be sent to the DayCare in case they have to stay back till late.